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Let’s be honest, there is an abundance of different “AI Companion” apps that sprung up like flowers after a long spring rainstorm. Except the rainstorm was ChatGPT, and instead of flowers, we’re left with “Chatbot” apps that are nothing more than a picture of your ‘character’ and a rip off UX of a bland messaging app. If it was 2006, this would be a pretty good compromise. These apps are like being on a grounded airplane. You have somewhere to sit, but you can’t actually go anywhere. With Ominous Industries, you have now been cleared for takeoff.

Our robots are different, very different. Designed with the sole purpose of being immersive companion robots, they stay true to their purpose. Sometimes our friends say naughty things. Sometimes we want to have a conversation that involves roleplaying. The Ominous Industries Robots can use any face and any personality, allowing your wildest fantasies to come to life before your eyes.

Blog posts

  • Testing MetaVoice 1B - Local TTS & Voice Cloning

    Testing MetaVoice 1B - Local TTS & Voice Cloning

    I was recently reading the very interesting Localllama subreddit and came across a thread asking about offline TTS solutions. I have had some experience with a few different offline TTS solutions, such as Piper, but one of the responses to...

  • GPT-4o & Gemini 1.5 Pro Finish Each Other’s Sentences

    GPT-4o & Gemini 1.5 Pro Finish Each Other’s Sentences

    I wanted to make another Bob the Sentient Washing Machine to engage in some tomfoolery by having two of them speak to each other. I have had a lot of fun making my R1 Robots speak to each other using...

  • Apple Silicon Speed Test: LocalLLM on M1 vs. M2 vs. M2 Pro vs. M3

    Apple Silicon Speed Test: LocalLLM on M1 vs. M2 vs. M2 Pro vs. M3

    I wanted to test the speed of some different Apple Silicon-equipped machines. As many of my interests these days revolve around using Local LLM setups, I figured the best way to test these machines would be to run a local...

The Next Wave of Companion Robots

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Everything! From assembly to modification, the R1’s included curriculum guides you through every modifiable aspect of the robot, depending on how deep you want to go.

The R1 features ChatGPT integration, providing you with hands on experience in using the most cutting-edge AI available.

No. Once the R1 is purchased, you receive the complete robot kit, instructions and all related software.

Yes! By following along with the instructions, you learn to easily change the appearance and personality. With the R1, you may also change the voice to suit your preferences.

As of the time of this writing, the external technologies integrated into the kit, such as OpenAI (for ChatGPT integration) and Microsoft Azure (for speech functionality), offer free tiers allowing you to explore without additional costs. However, if you wish to engage more deeply with the R1, you may choose to subscribe to the paid tiers of these services, and any related costs would be transactions directly with OpenAI and Microsoft.

Yes! The R1 offers a starter mode designed to allow you to set the robot up and get it running without having to do any coding at all!

While the R1 was developed to work with ChatGPT, the kit gives you full access to the source code. Meaning, with some programming experience you can easily get the R1 to work with many different AI models.

Everything! Every piece, from the nuts and bolts required to assemble the robot, to the electronics and instructions, is included in the kit,
ensuring you have all you need to build and use the R1."